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Agri Automation

Agri Automation

The traditional methods of farming and ever decreasing farm labor availability is making agriculture economically unviable and inefficient. Automation of farming practices has proved to increase the food production levels. Agri automation practices can make agriculture more profitable while also reducing the ecological footprint of farming at the same time. Site-specific application software can reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizer used while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Internet of things (IOT) is remodeling the agriculture enabling the farmers with the wide range of techniques such as precision and sustainable agriculture to face challenges in the field. IOT technology helps in collecting information about conditions like weather, moisture, temperature and fertility of soil, Crop online monitoring enables detection of weed, level of water, pest detection, animal intrusion in to the field, crop growth, agriculture. IOT leverages farmers to get connected to his farm from anywhere and anytime. Wireless sensor networks are used for monitoring the farm conditions and micro controllers are used to control and automate the farm processes. This unit is undertaking such a research.

Our AI based hardware and software is in the process of development which is being used in Integrated Pest Management System

Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - An Insect - Plant Interaction Perspective